Favorite-Friday – The Library

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     The library has always been a special place for me. At Saint Patrick’s Grade School in La Salle, IL there was a large classroom filled with books. I’m pretty sure I read all of the Bobbsey Twin mysteries from their collection. The La Salle Public Library had this wonderful children’s section downstairs. Each summer I participated in their summer reading programs, but I remember most how once I was in eighth grade, I was able to check out books from the upstairs library.  Honestly, I think that rule was mostly fiction. At the University of Illinois, I had a stacks pass which meant I could go into the bowels of the library to look for books without having to request them. They had all these cool nooks with desks where you could study. It was true nerdsville, and I loved it. Thirty years later, I still think it’s worth bragging about!
     I’ve been in Florida for just over thirty years now. I have library cards for five different libraries – what a bonanza! I was sitting in the Northwest Regional Library in Coconut Creek when I made my decision to get my master’s degree in library science. My hometown library is the Delray Beach Library which built a fabulous new facility downtown in 2006. The have a special teen library upstairs with a newly renovated children’s section downstairs. While I do love a good mystery ala Stuart Woods or Sue Grafton, more likely, you’ll find me searching for books for kids.
     I do have one problem with libraries though…I always miss the due date. Right now I’m pretty sure I’m on the Delray Beach Library hit list. They freeze your account once your fine reaches fifty cents, so I’m always in trouble.