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When my son was very young, it was difficult to write at home because if he saw me, he thought I should be playing with him. So summers when I wanted to have large swaths of time for writing, Jim and I needed a plan. We divided up the day of “who was on duty” and “who had free time.”

For my free time, I had to get out of the house, so I used it as a way to explore Delray to find where would be a good place.

Keep in mind, there wasn’t yet a Starbucks downtown. Now there are two. 


One place I tried was the lobby of the Colony Hotel. It’s a lovely old hotel listed on the Register of Historic Places. Jim and I have stayed there a couple of times for  staycations. On weekend nights they have live music on the front porch. It’s worth a walk through if you are ever downtown and passing by.

On that particular morning, I arrived just after they put away the Continental Breakfast they provided for overnight guests.

It was a bit of a Goldilocks experience. One couch was too hard. Another chair was in need of new springs. They have these lovely writing desks near the elevator complete with postcards and pens but they proved to be too small. I finally settled on a spot. Told myself to just get to work.

And then they turned out the lights.www.tuesdaywriters.com

The city library ended up being my go to place. I mean, I had to leave the house if I was going to write. The library lights were always on, and if I got lucky, I could get a private study room.

You know what I learned by starting to write when my boy was little? I can write under any condition. Noise or silence. Park playground. Coffee shop or hotel lobby.

So when I ran across a program today that people can use to play coffee shop background noise for you to work to, I was amused. People want to work to the sounds of glasses clinking on tables? And if I were willing to pay $9, I could get the sounds of a restaurant in Paris. Seriously.  

You know what? If you have a problem with where you write, then by all means work to fix it. But don’t spend too much time looking to solve problems that don’t really exist. Unless you really want to listen to French forks because we all know they sound much more sophisticated than ones here.

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