I am not a salesperson, but will you buy my book anyway?

www.tuesdaywriters.comThis is where we find ourselves as authors these days. We set out to write the best novel that we can. Isn’t that what the publisher is for? Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to advertise for us?

Sadly, no.

Ironically, I did work in a bookstore years ago. First I worked at B.Dalton Bookseller in the Peru Mall. I loved the job and the 40% discount. There was never an aspect of the job where I felt I was being pressured to sell. I loved books, and I could sometimes suggest a book for someone to buy, but mostly I helped people by ringing up their purchases. Later, I had a job at the college bookstore, but we were selling textbooks.

So while I don’t have an agent or a book contract (yet!) my job right now, besides revising to write the best novel possible, is to sell myself and that book to an agent.

In one of the SCBWI conferences, an agent pointed out that the query letter we send, is often what she uses when she queries publishers.

In the mean-time, I’m bombarded with various types of advice on social media about how to market advertise, organize a fan base, and generally sell more books! How exciting it will be when I get to that point. And a little nerve-wracking.

What’s your advice for promoting your book?

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