Our Favorite Type of Pets

Joanne: We had two cats when our children were young. We trained them to stay off the kitchen counters and had them do tricks for their treats. Tiger, the gray one, would do pull-ups on the kitchen drawer, and Spencer, the orange one, would sit on his haunches with his paws bent. They’ve both been gone for a few years now. I really miss them.

Tiger & Spencer

Melody: I much prefer cats over dogs. We adopted our two cats, Dizzy and Freya, when they were eight weeks old. The guy at the shelter said they were two for the price of one and when that didn’t sell us, he told us that two of the ones we were looking at were actually litter mates. So of course we couldn’t break them up.

Freya & Dizzy

Stacie: My fave type of pet? You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you all know I have THREE rescue dogs. Big ones, too. Here’s a pic of Delilah who is spokesdog for the group, apparently. She’s typing up a nasty note that she says she’s willing to unleash(she went there) on CHEWTUBE if anyone suggests that ANY type of pet could be better than a big rescue dog from Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Don’t shoot the messenger. #Delilahsays.

Faran: I’ve had cats and dogs, and I love them both,  but my wife and I began our lives together with our Maltese and Poodle so I have to go with them. Both of them are so loyal like my cat used to be, and love to snuggle. What else can you ask for?

Jonathan: My favorite kind of pet is a dog. Seriously, is there anything else? A dog gives unconditional love and is always happy and affectionate, not like those aloof cats. Some people may try to give lame arguments why a cat is better, but they’d be terribly wrong. I’m including my affectionate 65 lb lap dog, Parker

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