Library Memories

Do you have a favorite library memory from your childhood? The Tuesdays share theirs.

Melody Maysonet

Melody: When I was very young, I remember my mom taking me to the public library and getting to check out–not just a few books like we did at school–but stacks of books. When I got them home, I spread them out around me to decide which one I’d read first. Among them was The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell. I loved the book so much that, as an adult, I went on a quest for it and finally found an old copy in a used book store.

Cathy Castelli

Cathy: I loved the La Salle public library. The children’s library was downstairs, but if you went upstairs, that was where the main books here kept. It was said that you couldn’t check out books from the upstairs library until you were in eighth grade. I remember the day I went to the upstairs library for the first time. It was magical, but now that I’m a real adult, I know I don’t have to restrict myself to the adult section of the library.

Faran Fagen

Faran: At my local library, every Wednesday they showed clips about mythology. I really liked those, especially the one about Medusa. Her snake hair and ability to turn things into stone left me both scared and excited. I couldn’t get enough.

Joanne Butcher

Joanne: My favorite library memory as a kid was when Mum took me to the city library for the first time. It was summer, school was out. I’d read all the middle-grade books we had at home. I was amazed, walking through the stacks, at how many books there were. After I picked out the ones I wanted to read, I asked Mum if she would take me through the adult side of the library too. I loved the smell of the books and that the people talked in hushed tones. I asked Mum why people whispered. She said it was out of respect for those who were trying to read. It seemed to me that it should be out of respect for the knowledge held in all those books.


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