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Are you participating in Nanowrimo or PiBoldMo this month? Confession time – I didn’t this year, but it is really fun to write fast. In a recent SCBWI Boot Camp event, Dorian Cirrone worked with us on the concept of writing fast. Working for say ten minutes and just seeing how many words you can get down on the page. It can be very freeing to allow yourself to let the words out without second guessing all of them.

So while participating in writing events like Nano or PiBo are a great way to connect the collective consciousness of everyone else going for fifty thousand words, it has the possibility to quash your creativity. Here are some ways to consider stirring up the creativity that may be dormant.

  1. Participate in a FaceBook challenge like sharing seven black and white pictures – a different one for each day – without any explanation. No writing involved, but taking pictures activates a different part of your brain.
  2. Cut pictures out of magazines to represent your characters. It makes them more real and looking for them is half the fun!
  3. Meme your characters! There are meme generators all over the internet. For this one, you might want to set a time limit because you really could get sucked into the vortex of wasting time on the internet.
  4. Haiku! Boil a crucial scene down into 17 syllables. (It’s fun!) (And revealing!)
  5. Blackout poetry – my students love this. Take a page from your book and create a poem by selecting words from the page. You can then create art around the poem you’ve created.         Remember that sometimes you have to step away from the project to see what it’s all about.  

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