What We’re Most Grateful For This Year

The Tuesdays share what they’re most grateful for during this past year. What makes the top of your gratitude list?

Stacie Ramey

Stacie: I am thankful for so many things this year. My family. My friends. My critique groups. My agent. My editor. All of the wonderful people at my publishing house, Sourcebooks. Mostly I’m thankful that I get to do this really cool thing: write books for kids. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Faran Fagen

Faran: As we keep hearing about all the natural disasters occurring in the world in 2017 (hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc.), I’m thankful that we did not get the brunt of Hurricane Irma in September. Thoughts and prayers go out to people in the Keys, Puerto Rico, Texas, and and other parts of the world still recovering.

Melody Maysonet

Melody: This is a tough one, because I’m grateful for so much, but if I had to decide on one thing it would be the peace of mind I have. Over the past year, I’ve experienced grief, disappointments, and sickness of loved ones, but through it all I’ve managed to stay serene and at peace with myself and the world. That, to me, is so very important–to be happy with who you are.

Cathy Castelli

Cathy: Most? Like I have to pick just one? So let me say family. My parents are well, living where it’s way too cold, in Illinois. My husband is the most supportive of whatever makes me happy. (Smart man!) Our son is creative and funny and still likes to hang out with us. I have a best friend who knows exactly what to ask in any situation. And I have a wonderful writing family starting with the Tuesdays.

Joanne Butcher

Joanne: I’m thankful for our health after having some eye issues this year and my husband getting a 3 ½ inch nail shot through his thumb in post Hurricane Irma rebuilding.

Jonathan Rosen

Jonathan: Having great family and friends around.


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