What to Write About Wednesday?

Hello Tuesday Readers,

Here I am again! *waves*

I drew the long straw so I get to be the one to move us into T-giving together! Yay!!!Tomorrow you’ll hear from all of the Tuesdays about what we are thankful for. But for today it’s all about me. And my gratitude for one group of people….my readers.

Readers are the people I write the books for. They are the ones I try to reach. Sometimes I do that, and they reward me with an email or a shout out on Twitter. Sometimes they give me stars on Goodreads. Or Amazon. Sometimes they simply tell their friends. Whenever any of those things happen, I’m ridiculously thankful.

And then there are those readers that, for some reason, my books have fallen flat or they missed the mark completely. And I’m even grateful for those readers as well. Books are very personal things. If mine aren’t for you, I hope you’ll keep looking for the ones that are. Because, when it comes down to it, the readers have the final say. And for that I’m grateful. Because without them, there is nothing.

So, rate on, readers. Read on.

You are the reason for all of this.

And we, writers, will keep doing what we do to please you. Because when we match up, when we hit the right notes, your love of the written word sustains us. True story.

So from the Tuesday Writers to all the readers out there: thank you, sincerely. Please keep reading (even if it means ignoring your relatives for T-giving!). .

Tell them Stacie said you could

You’re welcome.

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