A Shout-Out to My Family

Well, it’s my turn for Fun Friday, and since I had such a wonderful time with my family over the holidays, I thought I’d write about how important family is to my productivity as a writer.

Fifteen years ago, my husband’s home-grown business was doing well enough that one of us could quit our nine-to-five job. Because he knew I wanted to someday be a published writer, he graciously decided that I should be the one to quit so I could dedicate myself to my dream. Years later, he was also able to quit working for someone else, so now we both work from home—only he’s the one who supports us. (That’s right—beginning writers like me don’t tend to make a lot of money.) So thank you, Adam, for giving me the freedom to write.

My son, too, is part of my support system, even if it’s passive support. Because he’s only thirteen, he’s not allowed to read my first (and so far only) published novel, so he has a hard time appreciating what I do. But he does respect it—and he knows how important it is to me. He understands that even though I haven’t left the house, I am in fact working, and he knows to keep the noise level and disturbances to a minimum. So thank you, Caleb, for never making me feel guilty for sitting at my computer for half the day, even when you want me to pack it up already and play video games with you.

Finally, there’s the family I grew up with. I only get to see my mom, three sisters, and brother once or twice a year (they all live in Illinois and I’m in Florida), but I can feel their cheerleading vibes from a thousand miles away. Knowing they support me no matter how dark, disturbing, or graphic my storylines get is invaluable to me. When I write, I lay myself bare—all my vulnerabilities, fears, defects—and knowing that I’ll be loved no matter what allows me to feel safe, even while I’m setting myself up to be judged. So thank you, Mom, Dawn, Eva, Harrison, and Megan (and also my numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law and family members who are not officially family but close enough) for giving me the confidence to write what’s in my heart.

Writing is a solitary business, lonely sometimes and definitely isolating. Which is why it’s so important to have support from family. Friends and acquaintances sometimes don’t understand how all-consuming writing can be—they’re less forgiving of the time commitment—but family, or at least my family, gets it. So thank you, my awesome family. I wouldn’t be able to dedicate myself so fully to writing if I didn’t have your support and encouragement. 

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