Our Writing Resolutions for 2018

Faran Fagen

Faran: My main writing goal for 2018 is to make my pages as exciting as possible so boys will read them. Would like my writing to coax a boy into reading who normally wouldn’t pick up a book. If I can do that, the writing must be strong.

Melody Maysonet

Melody: I happened to look at my last year’s resolution, and this is what it said: “This year I’m determined to finish my next book (with revisions) so my agent can start trying to sell it.” Well, I guess I dropped the ball on that one (pardon the pun), but it’s not like I haven’t made progress. I’m over halfway done and the book is getting better all the time. This year (hopefully!) I’ll finish it.

Cathy Castelli

Cathy: I need to focus on the end of Flying Blind. I’ve gotten into a bad loop by going back to the beginning over and over. It’s time to loop near the end. I know what’s going to happen. I just need to get the words on the page. Once that’s done, I’m going to let the book rest awhile and begin my new book which has been dancing around in my brain for six months.

Joanne Butcher

Joanne: I’m finishing up the revision of a novel that’s about a college freshman who parties like he’s possessed and the girl next door exorcist. My writing resolution is to write my next novel fast, not fretting about whether I’m getting things perfect as I go along. I want to get all my ideas out and let the revision process take care of the details.

Jonathan Rosen

Jonathan: My New Year’s writing resolution is simple. Write more. I do spend a lot of time writing now, but I want to complete more projects. I usually take a lot of time to do each project, but now I want to get more done.

Stacie Ramey

Stacie: Every year since I was first published, I’ve set new writing goals. I write these goals down. I pen easy goals, medium hard goals, and total stretch goals. Last year I wanted to extend my reach to readers by attending book festivals. I attended April is for Authors, the YA Fest in Easton, Pennsylvania, and Trinity Prep Author Fest. A pretty good year all in all. This year I want to continue with author festivals and also work on a picture book and a short story. In addition to having a book come out in March and revising my 2019 release. You gotta keep moving. Right? Comment below and tell us what your goals are for this year. I hope 2018 is a year filled with wonder and success for all of you.

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