What’s the Dumbest Way You’ve Been Injured?

The Tuesdays want to know!

Jonathan Rosen

Jonathan: The dumbest way that I’ve been injured is one time when playing softball, I ran after a ball in foul territory. I never took my eye off of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep my eyes on the fence. I ran straight into it and immediately felt the wetness on my face. I got thirteen stitches that night and still have the scars on my face. My friends took a picture of my bloody face, and I still look at it from time to time, to remind me of my stupidity.

Stacie Ramey

Stacie: This is literally a no-brainer. Over winter break when my son was coming home from college, I went to make him vegan food. Note to self: unplug the immersion blender before using it. Let’s just say the food was no longer vegan and I was pretty chewed up. At least the tip of my finger was. Worst part? Knowing I’d done it to myself.

Joanne Butcher

Joanne: On Christmas Day a year ago I got a new slalom water ski as a gift. I was being wimpy and didn’t want to get in the water in advance because I thought it was too cold. I donned my gear on the swim platform of the boat and prepared to jump sideways into the water. I didn’t want to get my hair wet either, so as I jumped in I brought my arms down as fast as I could to slap the water and prevent my head from going under. Well, I didn’t jump out far enough, so the full force slap hit the swim platform, breaking my wrist. I was going to get wet anyway; if I’d only sucked it up and got in, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Cathy Castelli

Cathy: When I was three, all the neighborhood kids were taking turns in the wagon riding down the hill in our backyard. It was finally my turn. Our neighbor, who was five, was supposed to be steering. As the wagon approached the clothes pole smack dab in the middle of the hill, he bailed, and I hit the pole. Of course I ran inside crying. Turns out my collar bone busted, so I guess I wasn’t being a crybaby that time.

Faran Fagen

Faran: Easily the dumbest way I was injured happened when I was seven. I was at a friend’s house and we were bike riding down a steep  hill. The sunset was brilliant that day and as I stared at it, I plowed right into the back of a parked car. Luckily all I got were scrapes, bruises, and torn shorts. I was lucky.

Melody Maysonet

Melody: The first time I cracked my chin open and had to get stitches, it wasn’t that dumb. I was in first grade. I did a flip from the top rung of the money bars and ended up chin first on the gravel. Hospital, stitches… You’d think I would have learned a lesson. Then in second grade, I did the same exact thing–same monkey bars, same feat of acrobatics (a failed flip), same hospital. I still have the scars.


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