Hello everybody!

Welcome to the launch for our website for the Tuesday Writers or between us friends, The Tuesdays!


Why is it called the Tuesdays? Well, I’m glad you asked. This site is made up of six people who are in a weekly critique group and we meet on…c’mon, you can guess this…that’s right, Tuesdays!

Originally, this group started as a class learning from mentor extraordinaire, Joyce Sweeney, and I’m proud to say that I was an original member. (We had much looser criteria for admittance back then)

critique 2

Though Joyce no longer has her weekly classes anymore, the rest of us decided to stick together and give feedback to each other. And never fear, if you do happen to want to get input from Joyce, you still can, through her site, SweeneyWritingCoach.com. (Joyce promised me 3/10 of a cent for every one hundred people who sign up. I’m counting future earnings now!)

But enough about Joyce! (Please, don’t tell her I said that.) Let’s get back to the reason that we’re here…the Tuesdays!

Though we’ve had some really great writers come and go through our group, the current roster is rock-solid and made up of: Cathy, Faran, Jo, Melody, Stacie and last, and what I like to remind the rest of the group, is certainly not least, me!

Coincidentally, those people also have their bios listed under the ‘About Us’ link, which you can go take a peek at once you’re done over here. And not to brag, but I happen to think my profile picture looks pretty damn good over there, though to be fair, the photographer caught me on a particularly good day.

Through the years in this group, we have been there for each other, listened to each other’s work, helped and made suggestions to make our stories better.

It seems to have worked out pretty well, since we have two members who are already published, one who will have a book coming out next year, and three who are getting closer and closer each day.

Being in a group is fantastic, since it forces you to try and have something ready to read each week. It keeps you on a steady deadline and writing schedule, since you don’t want to be the only one without any work to read! In our group, when you don’t have anything to read, the rest of the members hold their fingers up in an ‘L’ shape and call the guilty party “Loser”. It might seem harsh, but it’s effective!*

*Disclaimer*- (That doesn’t really happen, but I took some liberties to make this a better story. What actually happens in this group, is the offending party, has to personally apologize to each member and swear to have a chapter ready for the next class, and when that’s complete, you have to sing a little number from the Gilbert & Sullivan oeuvre. Last time, I did the entire score to H.M.S. Pinafore.)

Anyway, what we are trying to do with this, is show people the inner-workings of a critique group and what transpires each week. The getting work ready for class. Reading it in front of each other. Getting critique, and finally deciding whether or not to incorporate it into our stories. We discussed launching this prior to the Orlando SCBWI conference this weekend and spent a portion of this past week’s class discussing what to do, and since I drew the short straw, I’m going first.

I would have to guess, that most writers are either in some sort of group, or they at least have somewhere to get feedback. To me, that’s invaluable. No matter how many times I look over my work, I don’t get a feel about how it is, until I’m reading it aloud in group. That’s where the anxious moments come in. Reading your work for the first time, is in many ways, baring yourself to everyone. It’s more than a little nerve-wracking. And all six of us take turns doing that each week. It is then, where the rest of the group says what they like or what might need some work, in their eyes. I write down every single comment and then look them over later, to see what I agreed with or not. I think it’s important not to just change for the sake of it. You see if the consensus of the class agrees and then you decide if the suggested changes are valid or not. I don’t make change for every single suggestion, but I probably do for most, since the group is usually pretty spot on.

So, about this site: Here’s what we’re going to do with the format. On Mondays, like today, we can make up whatever we want, sort of like I’m doing now. Kind of just what’s on our minds.

Tuesdays will be devoted to Tweets. Anything we find is of interest to us or whoever’s turn it is that day.

Wednesday is the big one! That’s when we do a slight recap of something that was learned in class the day before, on Tuesday.

Thursday is our top three of anything.

And Friday, is for our favorite of something.

And the best part of all of it? You!

We want you to please feel free to comment, whether you agree with us about anything or not. Also, add things you like to the lists we make or even critique us. That last one should be fun, critiquing the critique group website, though I have to warn you, in my critique group, I’m known as the sensitive one, who is quick to cry at the drop of a hat. But, don’t worry about that, that’s my issue, not yours.

So, let us hear from you! Any suggestions welcome.